Visitors to ExpoSure's Sportsmen's and Outdoors Recreation shows should be aware of possible splashing.

     The Aqua Drome is back and could be a wet experience for spectators. The huge tank that measures 33 feet by 60 feet and is 4 feet deep will provide a demonstration venue for several water craft at the 2019 shows in Eugene, Roseburg, Medford and Anderson.

     The tank will be set up outside and in the promenade area of each show.

     “It'll be one of our lead features,” said Joe Pate of Exposure. “We've never had a place to demonstrate the water craft. It'll be used frequently.”

     Taking their turns on the water's surface will be kayaks, canoes and the Jetovator. The latter machine thrusts the operator high into the air.

     “Seeing the Jetovator in action on a video is impressive, but imagine seeing it up close and in person. It'll be wow!

     “There'll be some of the top-rated Jetovator pilots in the world at these shows and we needed a place for them to display their skills. Skilled kayakers and canoeists will also have a place to demonstrate now.” 

     Pate said a demo or two will be scheduled during each hour of the shows.


U.S. Coast Guard will present a paddle craft safety seminar and demonstration in the Aqua Drome during the shows.