Climbing up rough river banks with fishing gear in one hand and the teeth of a steelhead or two digging into the fingers of his other hand got Loren Olsen to thinking.

     His friends who were also bank fishermen for salmon encouraged his thinking.

     At the time, Olsen worked for Roseburg Forest Products and he had experience in making lockout cables that were used in the lumber industry. With that background, Olsen devised The Fish Hauler that consists of a vinyl coated cable with a snap clip and a handle.

     He made his first one back during the winter steelhead fishing season in February 2005. He’s sold several hundred of them through the years since, but is now ready to make the product more public. Olsen will have a booth at the KEZI Eugene Boat & Sportsmen’s Show that is scheduled for Feb. 2-4 at the Lane County Convention Center in Eugene. The booth will feature both his Fish Hauler and The Deer Hauler in multiple colors.

     “I got hooked on steelhead fishing when I worked for Roseburg Forest Products,” said Olsen who added he’s been a fisherman “since I was a wee pup.” Olsen now works at the Swanson Group Plywood mill in Springfield.

     “The sticks along the river bank were all used up and rope didn’t work for hauling fish up the bank,” he explained. “When you carried them by the mouth, their teeth cut up your fingers. I had a couple electrician friends at the mill who were also avid fishermen and they encouraged me to develop something to haul fish up the bank.”

     Olsen created The Fish Hauler and sold some when other bank anglers saw him using the looped cable out on the river.

     “It’s been a real fun process and I’m surprised it has been as popular as it has been,” he said, adding he has also made a Fish Hauler that can be attached to the side of a drift boat or a pontoon boat that don’t have a fish well.

     Olsen looked into getting a patent for the product, but was told the expense and effort of that process wasn’t worth it because the hauler was so simple and the concept could easily be copied with a minor change or two.

     The Deer Hauler came about as a result of Olsen’s elk hunting party getting an elk in eastern Oregon. Four hunters used four Fish Haulers to drag the elk a half mile on a skid road.

     The Deer Hauler has a 4 ½-foot cable that loops around a deer’s head and lifts it as it is pulled. If preferred, the cable can be looped around the hind legs and the animal dragged from that end. The handle on the cable rotates so it can’t be twisted out of the hand.

     Olsen sells The Fish Hauler and The Deer Hauler for $10 each. The Fish Hauler that attaches to a boat is priced at $15 and he’s started making a double drag for deer that is priced at $17.50.

     He’ll have all of the products on display at the Eugene show and will have the materials available to custom make a hauler on the spot. He’ll also take orders.

     “I’m excited to see what kind of interest there is in the hauler,” Olsen said of being at the show.


     Hidden Vision TV and gun storage mounts. You'll need one for your home and one for your RV!

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Two wheels, two motors, no gas, no noise.

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With its lightweight frame and powerful, near silent motors, the Ubco 2×2 gives you complete control for all your off-road adventures. Owning any terrain where rubber meets dirt, the Ubco 2×2 gives you the power to go. The 40Ah Lithium-Ion battery not only fuels the bike; it powers all your tools from your phone to your drill (at the same time).

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So what is Runlock? Swedish product of highest quality. Trusted brand since 1983 In Europe. Manufactured under strict quality control to ensure world class quality and reliability 100% Braided polyester silk, two strands that run parallel to each other and braided at Intervals to form loops.

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No Bristles. No Wires. No Worries.


Did you know that metal grill brushes can pose a serious health hazard? It's a fact: Steel brushes shed sharp, thin bristles that can embed in the foods you're grilling. Those tiny bristles can then lodge in your digestive tract... and that's when the trouble begins.


Now Crazy Mazie Presents a Safer Way: Our Wire-Free Wooden Grill Scraper made of 100% premium oak, your Crazy Mazie BBQ Grill Scraper cleans any grill – gas or charcoal – without leaving behind harmful shavings. It's unique ergonomic design, with a top T-shape handle plus a sizable opening, so you can comfortably use one or both hands for secure grip & control.  Best of all, you can customize Crazy Mazie to conform perfectly to your grill grates.  Simply heat your grill hot enough to char Crazy Mazie's tapered edge. Then run the edge across your grill, over & over. The heat will burn into the edge, creating grooves that custom-fit your grill grates. After that, you're set: Your customized wooden bbq grill cleaner will easily scrape off debris all around & between your grates.