Two tragic accidents led Tim Swenson to thinking about designing and building a wheelchair on tracks. He wanted to create a machine that would enhance the lives of his son Jeff, a paraplegic, and of a friend, Jason Holdahl, a quadriplegic. Jeff was injured during his teenager years in a car accident and Jason was severely hurt in a diving accident.

Swenson of Minnesota combined his small engine mechanic and manufacturing background with the engineering experience of friend Daryn Nelson and the pair begin working on their mechanical creation in 2009. They now have a patent pending on Action Trackchairs, a wheelchair that is on rubber tracks and is capable of going off road.

Kraig and Janette Holdahl, whose son is Jason, are the distributors of the products for Oregon and Washington. The couple, who live in the Vancouver, Washington, area, will have Action Trackchairs on display at the KDRV Sportsmen’s & Outdoor Recreation Show Feb. 2 at the Jackson County Expo complex in Central Point. The motto for Action Trackchairs is “Helping the disabled to be enabled.


“A lot of disabled people haven’t been able to get off hard surfaces (with their wheelchairs),” Janette Holdahl said. “Now with these chairs they can go down to the beach on the sand with their family, they can get down to rivers to go fishing, they can go in the woods, on snow, on ice, through creeks up to 8 inches of water or so. “It enables them to do so much more,” she added. “That does so much for their mental attitude.”

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