The She Shed is ready to take its turn in the spotlight. It will be featured in the ExpoSure sportsmen’s and outdoors recreation shows in Eugene, Roseburg, Medford and Anderson.

     The She Shed is a creation of Tuff Shed, a national business headquartered in Denver, Colorado. The shed that will be featured at the Exposure shows will be built at the company’s manufacturing facility in Portland, Oregon.

     A year ago, Tuff Shed displayed the Man Cave Shed at the shows. Now in 2017, a shed aimed at attracting women will get the spotlight. It will measure 10-foot by 16-foot with 8-foot walls and open rafters rising to 10 feet.

     Walt O’Dell, general manager of the Portland manufacturing plant, said the She Shed will have a “nice clean look.”

     Compared to the Man Cave Shed that had an outdoorsy, sporty look, the shed will feature more windows, a full length glass door and an interior décor of light colors.

     “It’ll be more open, more airy with lots of light,” O’Dell said. “It’ll have a brighter interior look.

“It’ll be geared toward reading, enjoying wine, sitting back and relaxing, just lounging around,” he added.

     O’Dell said a lot of women visited the Man Cave Shed at the 2016 shows and now the company wants to take the concept one step further with a structure geared toward the female.

     “Once you see one of these sheds and you step inside it, you start to see a lot of ideas being discussed, the creative juices flowing, on how to decorate it,” O’Dell said. “People begin to think it would be neat to have one, use it on their property or in their backyard instead of a tent.”

     Tuff Shed is a 35-year-old company that designs, fabricates and installs backyard buildings for its customers. The company sells buildings throughout the U.S.