Under the guidance of trainers Dexter and Megan Osborn, Yogi and Lea and possibly Teddy will be featured guests at the four 2019 ExpoSure outdoors and recreation shows.

Yogi is an 8-year-old male Alaskan grizzly. Lea is a 2-year-old female Kodiak brown bear and Teddy is a 1-year-old black bear.

The bears will be featured in A Grizzly Experience, an educational bear exhibit. The Osborns and their bears will make three or four appearances each day during each of the three-day ExpoSure shows. The bears will exhibit many of their natural behaviors, while patrons will learn about bear safety, what to do if you encounter a bear in the wild, the bear species in North America, and the magic of how bears are trained for the movies. Throughout the day, show guests will witness Yogi and the cubs playing in their pool and enclosure while interacting with their handler and showing the amazing bond between Grizzly and man.

“We’ll talk about bear safety, the biology and anatomy of bears, different species of bears,” Dexter Osborn said of A Grizzly Experience. “And we’ll give everybody a close-up look at the bears.”

The Osborns have had the 600-pound Yogi since he was an 8-month-old cub. He was born in a facility in Georgia where there was no room for him so he was adopted by the Osborns. Yogi is now standing 7' tall on his hind legs and can walk on his hind legs, lay down, crawl, hold a bottle and drink and roaring. Yogi will be appearing in the upcoming series "Manifesto."

The couple got Lea at 9 months old for the same reason after the bear was born in captivity in Indiana.

Dexter Osborn, 32, has been working and training animals since he began helping at a small zoo near his home in Florida at the age of 12. He has experience working with alligators, snakes, elephants and big cats, but his favorite animal has always been the bear.

“Bears are extremely intelligent animals,” he said. “You learn something new with them every day.

“All of the training is done through positive reinforcement, mutual respect, mutual trust,” he explained. “You start them at a young age and develop a daily routine for them. They’re just like raising kids.”

The Osborns and their bears have traveled throughout the U.S. for the past 11 years, putting on A Grizzly Experience at numerous stops. The bears have also appeared in several movies and TV series.

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Axes will spin through the air, chain saws will slice through logs, chips will fly as steel bites into wood and logs will roll in a pool of water.

These activities and actions will be part of the Timber Tina’s World Champion Lumberjills show that will be featured at the upcoming 2019 ExpoSure outdoor and recreation shows.

The Lumberjills show, in its 25th season, was founded by Tina Scheer. She’ll participate in the logging activities at each ExpoSure show along with three other women. They’ll compete in log rolling, axe throwing, cross cut sawing with a woman on each end of the saw, underhand chopping that involves standing on a log and chopping into it between your feet and hot saw that involves operating a customized, high powered chain saw.

The Lumberjills will put on three shows a day involving all of these activities.The shows are high action, fast moving, educational, humorous, historical, and TONS of FUN!

“It’s a really fun show for all ages,” Scheer said. “We want people to come and be entertained. We’ll give them a little bit of history of how the sport of these activities started and also a lot of comedy. It’ll be an entertaining 30-minute show.”

Scheer was raised in Hayward, Wisconsin, the home of the Lumberjack World Championships. She began log rolling at age 7, handling a cross cut saw at age 18 and a chain saw a year later.

Her family started the Scheer Lumberjack Show in the late 1970s.

“I was the token little sister for 15 years at that show,” she said, noting that she had older brothers who competed.

Now 57 and a resident of Maine, Scheer operates two logging sports entertainment businesses. The Great Maine Lumberjack Show is held every night from mid-June to early September in Bar Harbor, Maine. Scheer participates is a regular participant in that show. She said Maine is the birthplace of logging in America.

Scheer and the Lumberjills have staged shows in California and Washington in the past, but this will be their first appearance in Oregon. "Timber” Tina Scheer and the World Champion Lumberjills have been featured on nationally televised shows such as: National Geographic Channel's Ultimate Survival Alaska, Season 2; Survivor: Panama– Exile Island, the Jeff Probst Show, Edge of America, the Travel Channel, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, The Weather Channel's Cantore's Stories, ABC's Wife Swap, Disney Channel, ABC Wide World of Sports, CBS This Morning, and have appeared on countless local news and other TV programs. The Lumberjills have been seen in publications such as National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, Interview, Marie Claire and more.Timber Tina was the Master of Ceremonies for Stihl Timbersports Series on ESPN from 1990–2005.

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Even while he gained fame as a mixed martial arts fighter, Tim Sylvia found time to pursue his passion for hunting.

So after he retired from the ring in 2015, Sylvia was quick to turn his hunting ventures into a profession. He was first a five-time MMA champion, competing in both the heavy-

weight and superheavyweight divisions. Then he became host of Hit Squad Outdoors, a hunting show that made its first appearance on cable’s Pursuit channel. The show will move to the Sportsman’s channel beginning Dec. 31.

Sylvia himself will be on the move in February and March when he will be a featured guest at Exposure’s outdoor and recreation shows in Eugene, Roseburg, Medford and Anderson.

“I just love to hunt,” Sylvia said. “To be able to film hunts and make a living at it is even better. It is probably every hunter’s dream.”

At the Exposure shows, Sylvia will have a booth where he’ll visit with people about both his outdoors and MMA careers. Episodes of his past hunts will also be shown.

Sylvia, a native of Maine, made his profession MMA debut in 2001. He reeled off 13 straight wins, 10 by knockout. He earned the name of “Maine-iac” and eventually ended up with a 31-10-1 professional record.

Now 42, Sylvia has been a hunter since venturing afield in Maine with his father and uncles when he was a teenager. In those early years he hunted whitetail deer and grouse.

During his fighting career he found time to attend hunting and outdoors shows and outdoors trade events. His fighting reputation earned him invites to be a featured guest hunter on different filmed outdoors shows. He was already experienced in giving interviews and talking to a microphone as a fighter, but these hunts gave him experience with cameras.

So when he became the host of his own show, “having a camera and mike in front of me was no big deal.”

Joining Sylvia on his shows are a handful of his friends, a couple being police officers and a couple being former military members. He doesn’t have celebrity guest hunters on the shows.

The group has filmed 13 episodes each year. They are mainly archery hunters, but will also use rifles depending on the season and location.

Sylvia is now a resident of Davenport, Iowa. Whitetail deer hunts in that state draw most of the Hit Squad’s attention, but the friends also share their hunting adventures from multiple states where they pursue elk, mule deer and turkeys.

Sylvia does have hunting experience in Oregon, having pursued turkeys in the Eugene area years ago while training for a MMA fight.

“There’s nothing like waking up in the morning, getting outdoors and watching the earth wake up as birds begin to sing, animals began to move and the sun comes up,” Sylvia said of the attraction of being a hunter.



On several annual vacation visits to the Oregon Coast, Rob Gensorek had jokingly referred to the Basin Tackle business in Charleston as “my tackle shop.”

But then a few years ago on one of those visits to Oregon, Gensorek discovered the business was for sale. It didn't take him long to text his wife back in Texas to tell her the business was for sale and “let's buy it.”

“She said, 'We'll talk,'” Gensorek recalled. “Then we talked about it, then we bought it and here we are.”

He's now owned and operated Basin Tackle for five years.

Gensorek, a Texas native, previously was the district manager of a wire line company that did business in the oil and gas industry. But he was also a life-long fisherman so buying Basin Tackle didn't put him in a totally strange environment. He had grown up fishing for smallmouth and largemouth bass in Texas lakes and rivers and in many other North American waters.

“Fishing … it's the primal nature of going out and getting your own food, being in the outdoors, in the elements,” the 45-year-old said. “To me it is always about getting your own food. And I love to cook.”

Presented by “Oregon's Adventure Coast,” of the Coos Bay North Bend Visitors & Convention Bureau, Gensorek and the Basin Tackle staff will bring their expertise and experiences from fishing the Pacific Ocean and the central Oregon coastal rivers and streams to ExpoSure's four 2019 sportsmen's shows. Patrons enjoyed his wit and wisdom last year, so he is back to regale guests with more tips and tales. He will also be emceeing some of the events this year.

Gensorek and his staff will concentrate more on educating visitors to the four shows than on products. He said they'll give demonstrations on clamming, surf perch fishing and on fishing techniques for bass and salmon.

“We kind of represent the Joe lunch bucket folks,” Gensorek said. “That's the working class and one of our goals at Basin Tackle is to encourage those people to get outdoors, giving them the knowledge and the skills to successfully fish.”

Basin Tackle has hosted several free clinics in recent years, demonstrating to visitors how to successfully clam and fish. Gensorek said a recent surf perch fishing clinic attracted 148 participants.

“That's our way of giving back to the community,” he said. “Getting people off their phones, away from their TVs, getting young folks and older folks to these events is most rewarding for us.”

In addition to his business hosting the clinics, Gensorek writes a weekly column on fishing that is printed in a handful of newspaper and he gives a weekly fishing report on local radio.

“The reports are about fishing things we do,” he said. “I try to write them like I'm sitting in a room talking to you.”

Gensorek said his favorite fishing activity is casting for freshwater bass and stripers. He prefers fishing small waters because there is more interaction with nature compared to just sitting in a boat.

He speaks highly of the fishing options that are available to anglers along the central Oregon coast.

“Unparalleled,” he said of the fishing. “We have access to difference species out in the ocean, salmon, tuna, bottom fish and we have freshwater fish in the coastal streams. This place has everything. If I had to pick one place on the planet that would have major appeal for the outdoorsman, this would be the place.”

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Our 2020 shows will excite, engage and entertain!

Each show is jam-packed with 100s of exhibits, displays and attractions representing the breadth of the outdoor recreation industry: boating, camping, fishing, hunting, RVing, ATVing, cycling, kayaking, paddling, hiking, biking, climbing, travel agents, tour guides, guns, cabin life, outdoor clothing and gear, advocacy groups and governmental agencies, seminars and... lots of fun for the whole family!