Gensorek, a Texas native, previously was the district manager of a wire line company that did business in the oil and gas industry. But he was also a life-long fisherman so buying Basin Tackle didn't put him in a totally strange environment. He had grown up fishing for smallmouth and largemouth bass in Texas lakes and rivers and in many other North American waters.

“Fishing … it's the primal nature of going out and getting your own food, being in the outdoors, in the elements,” the 45-year-old said. “To me it is always about getting your own food. And I love to cook.”

Presented by “Oregon's Adventure Coast,” of the Coos Bay North Bend Visitors & Convention Bureau, Gensorek and the Basin Tackle staff will bring their expertise and experiences from fishing the Pacific Ocean and the central Oregon coastal rivers and streams to ExpoSure's four 2019 sportsmen's shows. Patrons enjoyed his wit and wisdom last year, so he is back to regale guests with more tips and tales. He will also be emceeing some of the events this year.

Gensorek and his staff will concentrate more on educating visitors to the four shows than on products. He said they'll give demonstrations on clamming, surf perch fishing and on fishing techniques for bass and salmon.

“We kind of represent the Joe lunch bucket folks,” Gensorek said. “That's the working class and one of our goals at Basin Tackle is to encourage those people to get outdoors, giving them the knowledge and the skills to successfully fish.”

Basin Tackle has hosted several free clinics in recent years, demonstrating to visitors how to successfully clam and fish. Gensorek said a recent surf perch fishing clinic attracted 148 participants.

“That's our way of giving back to the community,” he said. “Getting people off their phones, away from their TVs, getting young folks and older folks to these events is most rewarding for us.”

In addition to his business hosting the clinics, Gensorek writes a weekly column on fishing that is printed in a handful of newspaper and he gives a weekly fishing report on local radio.

“The reports are about fishing things we do,” he said. “I try to write them like I'm sitting in a room talking to you.”

Gensorek said his favorite fishing activity is casting for freshwater bass and stripers. He prefers fishing small waters because there is more interaction with nature compared to just sitting in a boat.

He speaks highly of the fishing options that are available to anglers along the central Oregon coast.

“Unparalleled,” he said of the fishing. “We have access to difference species out in the ocean, salmon, tuna, bottom fish and we have freshwater fish in the coastal streams. This place has everything. If I had to pick one place on the planet that would have major appeal for the outdoorsman, this would be the place.”



Throughout the weekends at all four shows, you can catch Rob in his booth, at the Tuff Shed booth, emceeing events, lecturing in Sportsman's Theater, giving fishing demos on the Giant Fish Tank or just visiting with everyone!

On several annual vacation visits to the Oregon Coast, Rob Gensorek had jokingly referred to the Basin Tackle business in Charleston as “my tackle shop.”

But then a few years ago on one of those visits to Oregon, Gensorek discovered the business was for sale. It didn't take him long to text his wife back in Texas to tell her the business was for sale and “let's buy it.”

“She said, 'We'll talk,'” Gensorek recalled. “Then we talked about it, then we bought it and here we are.”

He's now owned and operated Basin Tackle for five years.

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