Axes will spin through the air, chain saws will slice through logs, chips will fly as steel bites into wood and logs will roll in a pool of water.

These activities and actions will be part of the Timber Tina’s World Champion Lumberjills show that will be featured at the upcoming 2019 ExpoSure outdoor and recreation shows.

The Lumberjills show, in its 25th season, was founded by Tina Scheer. She’ll participate in the logging activities at each ExpoSure show along with three other women. They’ll compete in log rolling, axe throwing, cross cut sawing with a woman on each end of the saw, underhand chopping that involves standing on a log and chopping into it between your feet and hot saw that involves operating a customized, high powered chain saw.

The Lumberjills will put on three shows a day involving all of these activities.

“It’s a really fun show for all ages,” Scheer said. “We want people to come and be entertained. We’ll give them a little bit of history of how the sport of these activities started and also a lot of comedy. It’ll be an entertaining 30-minute show.”

Scheer was raised in Hayward, Wisconsin, the home of the Lumberjack World Championships. She began log rolling at age 7, handling a cross cut saw at age 18 and a chain saw a year later.

Her family started the Scheer Lumberjack Show in the late 1970s.

“I was the token little sister for 15 years at that show,” she said, noting that she had older brothers who competed.

Now 57 and a resident of Maine, Scheer operates two logging sports entertainment businesses. The Great Maine Lumberjack Show is held every night from mid-June to early September in Bar Harbor, Maine. Scheer participates is a regular participant in that show. She said Maine is the birthplace of logging in America.

Scheer and the Lumberjills have staged shows in California and Washington in the past, but this will be their first appearance in Oregon.