Sylvia himself will be on the move in February and March when he will be a featured guest at Exposure’s outdoor and recreation shows in Eugene, Roseburg, Medford and Anderson.

“I just love to hunt,” Sylvia said. “To be able to film hunts and make a living at it is even better. It is probably every hunter’s dream.”

At the Exposure shows, Sylvia will have a booth where he’ll visit with people about both his outdoors and MMA careers. Episodes of his past hunts will also be shown.

Sylvia, a native of Maine, made his profession MMA debut in 2001. He reeled off 13 straight wins, 10 by knockout. He earned the name of “Maine-iac” and eventually ended up with a 31-10-1 professional record.

Now 42, Sylvia has been a hunter since venturing afield in Maine with his father and uncles when he was a teenager. In those early years he hunted whitetail deer and grouse.

During his fighting career he found time to attend hunting and outdoors shows and outdoors trade events. His fighting reputation earned him invites to be a featured guest hunter on different filmed outdoors shows. He was already experienced in giving interviews and talking to a microphone as a fighter, but these hunts gave him experience with cameras.

So when he became the host of his own show, “having a camera and mike in front of me was no big deal.”

Joining Sylvia on his shows are a handful of his friends, a couple being police officers and a couple being former military members. He doesn’t have celebrity guest hunters on the shows.

The group has filmed 13 episodes each year. They are mainly archery hunters, but will also use rifles depending on the season and location.

Sylvia is now a resident of Davenport, Iowa. Whitetail deer hunts in that state draw most of the Hit Squad’s attention, but the friends also share their hunting adventures from multiple states where they pursue elk, mule deer and turkeys.

Sylvia does have hunting experience in Oregon, having pursued turkeys in the Eugene area years ago while training for a MMA fight.

“There’s nothing like waking up in the morning, getting outdoors and watching the earth wake up as birds begin to sing, animals began to move and the sun comes up,” Sylvia said of the attraction of being a hunter.

Even while he gained fame as a mixed martial arts fighter, Tim Sylvia found time to pursue his passion for hunting.

So after he retired from the ring in 2015, Sylvia was quick to turn his hunting ventures into a profession. He was first a five-time MMA champion, competing in both the heavy-

weight and superheavyweight divisions. Then he became host of Hit Squad Outdoors, a hunting show that made its first appearance on cable’s Pursuit channel. The show will move to the Sportsman’s channel beginning Dec. 31.