She'll share stories of her adventures as a featured guest at ExpoSure's 2019 sportsmen's and outdoor recreation shows. Tina and The Jills will also offer guests the opportunity to try their hand at ax throwing in between each show. Axe throwing has become a popular sport at various venues around the country.

Scheer is the founder and owner of the World Champion Lumberjills, a traveling troop of women who compete in log rolling, axe throwing, chopping and hot sawing. The 2019 season will be the 25th year for the show that has been seen across the U.S. and in some foreign countries.

The exposure that Scheer gained with the Lumberjills and her enthusiasm for the outdoors earned her a spot on Survivor: Panama, Exile Island that aired in 2006. That was the first year the show began with four tribes, so Scheer was partnered with three other women.

“They weren't as comfortable in the outdoors as I was,” Scheer said of her tribemates.

Scheer said she built the shelter and fire, found water, built the fire and caught fish with her bare hands, but when it came to the challenge, one of the women wasn't a good swimmer and the tribe lost.

“The other three women voted me off because they thought I was too strong,” Scheer said.

“But I thought it was a great experience,” she added of being able to spend three weeks in Panama and three weeks in Costa Rica at Ponderosa. “I felt lucky to have been picked to participate.”

Several years later, Scheer was selected to participate in Nat Geo's Ultimate Survivor Alaska. She was the only woman and joined 11 men in hiking through rough, wild terrain in Alaska. Her team lasted through three episodes, but then a teammate was injured in a fall and couldn't make it across the finish line, eliminating the team.

That show aired in 2013. Scheer, a Maine resident, is now looking forward to venturing out west and talking with visitors to the ExpoSure shows.


EUGENE, ROSEBURG, MEDFORD:Throughout the weekend

NORCAL: Interstate Batteries booth in Lassen hall, throughout the weekend

Tina Scheer loves adventures and challenges.

In her 57 years, she has been rolling logs, swinging and throwing axes, hoisting powerful chainsaws all over the world and has also competed in two reality TV shows, CBS's Survivor: Panama and Nat Geo's Ultimate Survival Alaska!

“I've had so many amazing experiences and it's been so much fun,” Scheer said of the experiences.

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The Lumberjills are eager to share their sport with your on-air personalities by trying your hand at axe throwing, cross-cut sawing or log rolling!  With their expert knowledge and instruction, it's sure to be a “once in a lifetime” opportunity and your viewers will enjoy your bravery in giving it a go.  The Jills are happy to bring chopping or sawing for in-studio TV appearances and schedule in-studio radio interviews as well.