Catch a seminar from our expert speakers in the Sportsmen's Theater

and at the ODF&W's Giant Fish Tank in Oregon and in Phil's Bass Bin is California

Norma Evans

Norma Evans is a fishing guide and owner of A Bent rod, LLC.

Born and raised in Grants Pass, Oregon, she grew up fishing on the Applegate and Rogue Rivers where she learned how to fish for steelhead and salmon.

In the early 1990s, Norma met an individual who fished the Lower Umpqua River and fell in love with fishing the Lower Umpqua guiding for pink fin perch and fall salmon.

"I love being on the water in my boat and the most enjoyable part of guiding is seeing and feeling the excitement when someone catches their first or biggest fish. This is more exciting than if I were catching the fish myself."

Jody Smith

Jody is owner/operator of Jody Smith’s Guide Service, a premier hunting and fishing guide service in Southern Oregon. For more than 20 years, Jody has guided fishing trips on the Umpqua River for salmon, sturgeon, smallmouth bass, shad, and steelhead, as well as hunting adventures throughout Oregon for elk, turkey, black bear, blacktail deer and waterfowl.


Dan Kloer

I began calling ducks, geese,and pheasant when I was 13-16 years old and then got into big game hunting. Starting in 1976, I hunted deer and elk with a rifle. I was then introduced to archery and my life changed. The thought of calling in elk, deer and taking them with a bow at close range had me reading and studying every book I could find on  elk and deer. Learning and studying all the sounds that elk can make took over 12 years to break down the sounds and understand what each sound meant. Then learning habitat and migration and two 10-year studies on weather and how it affects the vocals and the sounds that elk make and what they mean added to my knowledge.

Troy Corgain

Troy Corgain, of Angler’s Choice Guide Service is the Commander of the Giant Fish Tank, arranging all the speakers and  coordinating the schedule. Contact Troy for your next fishing expedition or if you have questions about the speakers at Tcorgain@comcast.net

Davey Jones

As owner of Davey Jones Fishing Locker, I have been in the sporting goods hunting and fishing industry for over 30 years. Working in the days of GI Joe’s, I have met a lot of great people, knowing that at any one time I could be of help to a fellow sportsman with all there fishing and hunting needs.  Kokanee fishing has grown over the last few years and I found a great need to spread the word on how to fish for them, I started building my own custom kokanee tackle. We have also started Guiding for Kokanee to help people to get hooked on the sport.

Jeremy Jahn

Jeremy Jahn, AKA “Kokaneekid,” owns and operates KokaneekidFishing.com along with his wife Debbie. Jeremy was born and raised the mid-Willamette Valley. He has over 37 years of fishing experience. He grew up fishing with his Dad, Chester, who is one of the top Kokanee fisherman in the nation. Now Jeremy is guiding at Odell Lake, building tackle and giving out information to help others catch their limits. This year’s seminar will be about learning the little things that help put fish in your boat and get you in the game.

The 2018 schedules will be posted this winter. Stay tuned for a fantastic line up!