Interested in mega-power on four wheels?Visit the upcoming Exposure Sportsmen and Outdoor Recreation shows and take a look at the side-by-sides offered by Anvil Auto Repair and Off Road of Eugene. These powerful, customized machines can take on most any type of rough terrain.

“We'll be showcasing what we do at the shows,” said Justin Rainwater of Anvil. “What we're bringing to the shows are different from what you'll see on an everyday basis. These machines are completely custom built and not like anything normal. We strive to be 100 percent different than everybody else.”

The off-road display will also include coaches and trailers from Anvil partners, Logan Coaches of Utah and Akins Trailer Sales of Harrisburg, Oregon. Representatives from the companies will be available at the shows to take orders.


Want to know more about how the fishing rod in your hands is made in order to handle that chinook salmon or that smallmouth bass? Ryan Toy of Knot4Hire Custom Rods of Springfield will bring his rod making skills to the five Exposure Sportsmen's & Outdoor Recreation Shows in 2024. He'll work on several rods during each show. Visitors to the show will be able to touch and feel the rod blanks, see the artwork created by the thread on the rod and imagine the fight of a hooked fish.

“I hope to show people there's more than just going to a store and buying a rod,” Toy explained. “You can customize a rod, you can get high quality parts, there's artwork that can go into it, you can get a lot more buying from me than from a store.”

Toy specializes in building custom rods. The Knot4Hire show booth will feature several finished rods and also rod blanks, allowing people to touch and feel the rods.

“I'm bringing something new and unique to the sportsmen's shows that I haven't seen before at shows,” Toy said of the rod building process.


There's no escaping detection by the Ronin Camera System.Whether a deer, elk, raccoon or a person, the Ronin Camera can detect out to just over 200 feet. Visitors to the upcoming Exposure Sportsmen's and Outdoor Recreation Shows will be impressed by the sharpness, the color and the details that are featured on the camera's images.

“It's the longest detection distance for movement on the market,” said Ryan Taylor of Ronin Camera System, a company based in Eugene. A camera will be live and will be showing images at the shows.

“Using the Ronin Camera System gives you a much better view with a high-quality camera, it uses heat signature so there are no false trips and it uses localized radio network to receive images on the phone for free with a 9-mile line of sight range,” Taylor said of the system's advantages.

The Ronin cameras can be used as trail cameras to view wildlife in the outdoors or for home security. More information on the systems can be obtained by visiting with Ryan Taylor at the Exposure shows in Eugene, Roseburg, Medford, Anderson and Klamath Falls.


Bob Sutherland, maker of Spool-Hands, has decided it's time to retire and has graciously agreed to sell Spool-Hands to Nat Hughes and Stacy Savona of Scream N Reelz Guide Service LLC.

Spool-Hands is an elastic band with a bead eyelet that goes around your leader spools that allows line to be taken from the spool and not uncoil which is all the rage for fishermen, because it replaces the rubber band which eventually disintegrates. It can be used with a manual spooler to put line on your reel. Spool-Hands helps keep your line organized yet accessible. Better yet, it's affordable at the show special rate of $5 per package.

Nat and Stacy have spent countless hours with Bob learning the ins and outs of creating the product so that they continue to provide the same quality that everyone has come to expect of Spool-Hands. Find Spool-Hands products at the Scream N Reelz booth at the Exposure Shows in 2024.

Maasai Encounter

See Maasai the Lion LIVE at this year's shows. His acting credentials are numerous, appearing in many movies, TV shows and commercials. His appearance here will be remembered forever!

In the world of professional animal training, no name commands as much respect as Steve Martin’s Working Wildlife. As a long-time consultant to the major motion picture industry, and champion of the “positive reinforcement” training methods by which many animal training companies regard as the modern standard of excellence, Steve Martin’s Working Wildlife’s expertise in animal behavior and original training methodology is an integral part of the entertainment business as we know it today.

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