The Aqua Drome is a wet experience for spectators. The huge tank that measures 33 feet by 60 feet and is 4 feet deep can provide a demonstration venue for several water craft.

     The tank can be set up outside and attract patrons

     “It can be a lead feature,” said Joe Pate of ExpoSure. “It creates the perfect place to demonstrate water craft.”

     Taking their turns on the water's surface can be kayaks, canoes and the Jetovator. The latter machine thrusts the operator high into the air.

     “Seeing the Jetovator in action on a video is impressive, but imagine seeing it up close and in person. It's a wow!

     Some top-rated Jetovator pilots in the world, skilled kayakers and canoeists, water safety instructors could have a place to demonstrate at your show.


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U.S. Coast Guard presents a paddle craft safety seminar and demonstration in the Aqua Drome during an ExpoSure show.